Mark 4:40-41
And Jesus said to them.  "Why are you afraid?  Do you still have no faith?"
They became very much afraid and said to one onother "Who then is this ,  that even the wind and the sea obey Him?"

are you afraid of Jesus? or do you have faith in Jesus?   you should fear the Lord and what He can do, for He is the creater of all things (even you) and has the athority to do as He wills with all things, (even you).  
or are you afraid because you do not have faith in Jesus, the Christ, because of His power and athority over all things?
It is time to chose what side you are going to live on the side of faith in Christ or the side of the evil one and the world.
as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  and chose to place our faith in the Lord Christ Jesus,
even un to death.

think about it what side are you going to end up on.

To be saved is a simple thing, 
but yet can be the hardest thing one would ever do, 
for it is the simple things that can trip you up. 

Man try’s to make thing complicated so that others thank highly of them when they teach or explain thing, 
To be saved is simple; admit the fact that you are a sinner. Confess it. Turn from it. Ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you. Put your total faith in Him, and obey His words. 

.Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. 
The Jesus who was born of a virgin, 
The Jesus who was crucified on a cross, 
And the same Jesus who came back to life three days later. 
The Jesus who fulfilled all the prophesies of His coming, death and reresection. 
The Jesus who is the one true King, 
the Lamb of Father God who was sacrificed for you so that you might live. 
The Jesus who stands at the door of your heart knocking and weighting for you to ask Him in. 

Yes it is the simple things that man has a hardest time with. 
Ask Him in, repent of your sins, chose to place ALL your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and obey His teachings the words of God, the Holy Bible. 

Yea you read this but now take the time to do something about it before you run out of time, for once the trumpet sounds and the return of the Lord comes, 
for once He returns it will be to late. 
What do you have to loos by turning from sin and asking the Lord Jesus in to your life? 
Answer an eternity in hell. 
What do you have to gain? 
An eternity in paradise with your creator. 
Yea pretty simple; 
Turn or burn, Fly or fry. 
The choice is yours and yours alone. 
There will be many in hell who will finely call on the name of the Lord to save them, 
but it will be to late. 
Think about it.

the Revelation of Jesus Christ as given to John

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