About us

About us/me

this is not your normal web sight, or Blog 
i don’t post everyday, 
And sometimes not even every week, 
i am not on or involved with any social media, 
Do not need to be reassured of my value for my value nor worth is determined by man. 
i do not fear man or what he may think of me or do to me, and truly do not care what you may think of me. 
My value and worth are only determined by Father GOD. 
i fear GOD not man for man can only kill the body; but GOD can condemn the spirit of a man to hell. 

My desire is that through the time you spend reading items on this sight and take the time thanking about what is said, 
you will come to the realization that the Lord Jesus Christ loves you and will provide for you if you will except His free gift of salvation,
allow Him to care for you as you live out His commandments in your life.

i am by no means perfect, by no means, i am like all mankind, a sinner, 
but a sinner saved by the grace of GOD, 
Daily going to the Father asking for His Holy Spirit to lead me through each day,
to teach me the ways of the Lord Christ Jesus, 
to show, teach and guide me through life so that this life given to me by Him,
may be a blessing to Him.   
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