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Did you know you can train a wolf to be a pet??
You can a lot of people have but it is still a wolf, it is always a wild animal and needs to be treated with caution.
i have personally known of five deferent people who have had wolves as pets three of them got them as pups two to three weeks old
One John got his pup when it was 18 days old he took her with him everywhere we went she loved to ride in the car, she sat in the back seat right behind him, and at home she sat beside him on his couch, and she sleep beside his bed they were best of friends. When the wolf was about 2 ½ years old something changed and just before it turned three it took John down and well John is no more.
Out of the five that i knew three were killed by their pet wolfs who each called their best friend and best pet they ever had,
One who was crippled for life by her pet wolf,
and the fifth put the wolf down as it was killing he son.
Not the kind of thing you wanted to read today?
Sin is that wolf;
you can think you have it tamed and under control, but the day will come and it will turn on you and disable your life and eventually kill you, and it can destroy your family along the way,
sin like a wolf may look so nice majestic, so shinny and beautiful that you just have to have it,
but know this it is still sin it is still wild and uncontrollable, and  that you need it out of your life.
No matter how small you may think your sin is it is still sin and undealt with it will destroy your life
Take it to Christ and give it to Him repent and ask to be forgiven, turn from sin and turn your life over to Christ, be saved the pain and agony of the rewards of sin.
do yo have wolfs in sheeps clothing in your life?

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I would like to take the time to look at bread;
When a baker makes a loaf of bread they put in a small amount of yeast in the mix, and this small amount of yeast makes the whole loaf rise, it mixes with every ingredient in the mix.
Once you have added the yeast to the mix you cannot remove it, and it will overcome the whole mix cosigning the dough to rise.
Now let’s at life;
Your life is life is made up of several ingredients, It starts when you are born; every one you have come into contact with has put something in the mix.
The difference between a loaf of bread and your life you can chose what you allow in and what you keep out. Who you associate with and who you stay away from, where you go and where you will not tread, what you look at and what you will not, what you will listen to and what you will turn off.
Your life is a mix of everything you have ever heard, seen, felt, smelt and tasted, whether it be of good or of evil.
The difference between a life and a loaf of bread, The yeast can never come out of the bread, but with life you can take the sin out.
Most of us carry around so much sin and are not really aware of it.
A lot of them are what we consider little like
Those words that didn’t need to be spoken
That attitude you expressed that were not of love
That look given to someone you disapprove of
There are so many unholy attitudes that we accept each day to be in us, and it is all sin
Take some time and review your day, the things you did, the things you said, the things you allowed yourself to look at, the responses and reactions you had to others around you.
Take some time and reflect back on not only the words you spoke but the manner in which you uttered them.
Jesus said a little leaven (yeast) leavens the whole loaf
And the same goes for sin if you do not deal with the sin in your life if will filtrate in to every manner of your life.
Heaven or hell it is a choice, it is your choice Jesus said “come to Me”
Jesus is standing at the door, open the door and invite Him in, ask Him to forgive you of all our sins (He will, He is just waiting for you to ask) then take the sin out of your life, Some will be simpler than others, but if you ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help you, if you will make the choice to remove sin from your life they will be there and help.
When you ask sincerely making the decision dedicate yourself to then fallow through and do your part, then the Holy Spirit will lead your ears, eyes, mind and heart to follow after Jesus, but you have to do your part and allow Him to do His.

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Matthew 5:48 Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect.
and yes i know i am not perfect.
i truly believe that if we couldn’t be perfect in the sight of our Heavenly Father, as our heavenly Father has told us to be,
then we would not have been told to do so,
but sense we have been told to do so i also believe it is posable,
if we will dedicate our lives to the Lord and strive to do what He has asked us to do no matter what it may be it is posable to do.
We have been given the Holy Spirit to lead us teach us and guide us throw this ife we have been given, the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent to us, will be faithful to guide us to the fulfillment of the instructions of the Lord.
Problem: We have allowed the world to infiltrate so much of our lives; the American church today is run as a business and misses the simplicity of the word.
Jesus said to come to Him as a Child, a young child is cereus and wants to know and also wants to please, when they disobey they will work to gain back approval.
But as adults we except sin in to our lives and then justify it as if it were just a part of life we have no control over, and even create theories to back up and validate committing the sin.
Jesus said He is the way the truth and the life, and that no one will come to (approach, be in proximity) the Father but through Him.
Jesus is our way to the Father, when we sin if we have any desire to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect.
We must
1. Repent of our sins
2. Ask Jesus to forgive us of the sin
3. Turn from the sin and turn to Christ
Just like a baby chick will run under the wing of the mother hen we are to run to Jesus to be covered by His protection.
We have Jesus as our filter so the Father may look upon us
but if we are willfully sinning we are out from under the protection of Christ.
Christ shows us abundant grace but it is not greasy grace it does not allow us to willfully sin and turn our backs to the leading of His Holy Spirit.
Jesus was very clear about this
Matthew 7: 21- 24, 26 21
Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the will of My Father
Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out demons, and in your name perform many miracles?
And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS,
Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine, and acts upon them, can be compared to a wise man,
And everyone who hears these words of Mine, and does not act upon them, will be like a foolish man,
the wise seek Him.

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If man is so smart,
If he is so educated and smart, then why is he so sick, sore, tiered, troubled and discontent?
The ways of men are the ways of the world and lead to troubles distress and destruction.
The ways of the Lord are peaceable, comforting and rejuvenating to man.
So if man is so smart why does he not grab hold of and cling to the ways of the Lord?

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The one who is intimate with Christ will not desire sympathy, act pathetic, and will not look for empathy or petty.


As time went on He just sat, knoqing, knowing what no one else seemed to know.

But staring in to the red leave's He knew spring was on it's way, and that His life would go on as He reflected on the Love He had felt.

And that no mater how the lonely streets desended upon Him He would continue to shin, as He sat their He could be heard sining softly to Himself,   This little light of mine.

Hodgepenny's philosphy has always been take care of home first, only give to those who are truly in need, never, No never take anything that you have not earned. always spend as much time with the Father ae you can, for His love will guide and keep you through all things, and this will make your life better than great.


in the Wilderness