Thursday, May 3, 2018, 06:44
May flowers,
Have you ever taken the time to look at a flower I mean really look close at a flower, or is your life so fast you can’t take the time.
God made flowers so amazing the peddles on a Iris have always amazed on the east side of the home i grew up in we had a patch of iris that was 24 feet long and 4 foot wide filled with every color you could think of and when they would come out i would spend hours looking at them the fine hears that in the inner pedals had me the first time i noticed them the color variations in just one flower is just amazing
Then in the back yard along the fence we had a bed that was 100 foot by 4 foot that was full of Dahlia from ones that grew to be 1 inch across to ones that were over 12 inches across, my favorite were the ones that were about 1.5 inches across and a perfect ball, i would set for hours looking at them each little pedal the same as the bigger dahlias but so small.
And one day it happened I was out weeding the flower beds and it came to me that God had made each one of the varieties of these flowers but the situation and the surroundings the flowers were in made a big difference in how the flower grew and what the flowers were feed can make the difference in if the flower would grow to be healthy or not.
And as i was working it settled in me that it was and is the same with me, it is the same with all of us if we are feeding ourselves bad food we will not grow up to be what God intended us to be nor what Christ desires us to be or do, and if we are in the wrong environment listening to the wrong talk our lives cannot live up to the full potential Christ has set out for us
Don’t just take the time to smell the roses take the time to look at them
and take the time to look at your life, what are you looking at and listening to every day is it alowing you to grow to the full potential Christ has for you, or is it holding you back or perhaps even killing your spiritual groth.

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