Why Supplement

Why Supplement

Why Supplement There are 90 essential nutrients: 60 essential minerals, 16 essential vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids. By definition an “essential nutrient” is essential (vital, necessary, requisite) to human health and is something our own bodies cannot produce or manufacture. An essential nutrient must be taken in through diet and /or supplementation. 

Essential nutrients are not drugs. They do not chemically induce or force a physiological response. Instead, they nurture, they feed and in so doing they support and enable physical function. We are biochemical beings, after all. Whether it is scratching our head or facing down infection or maintaining our body temperature, every physical function our body performs is achieved through a sequence of biochemical events and every biochemical event depends on the presence of essential nutrients.

One can think of the human body as a walking chemistry set with built in genius. But that genius, the body’s own innate intelligence, cannot run our many physical systems (digestion, cognition, respiration, reproduction, etc.), at least not properly, without sufficient essential nutrient intake, After all, essential nutrients serve as the raw material for every molecular manipulation, construction and deconstruction that defines and describes our physical operation.

What happens when we deny ourselves essential nutrient intake? Predictably we experience system failure. Consider vitamin C, just one of the 90 essential nutrients. Most of us are familiar with the relationship between vitamin C deficiency and scurvy. Collagen is the main structural protein of connective tissue in all mammals. The body synthesizes collagen from vitamin C. No vitamin C; no collagen. Starve the body of vitamin C and, inevitably, connective tissue collapses. Gums go spongy. Wounds erupt. Mucous membranes bleed. In short deficiency in one, single essential nutrient degrades and eventually destroys our healthy well-being.

Insufficient vitamin C intake puts us as risk for way more than scurvy. Vitamin C helps extinguish free radicals protecting against vascular degradation, it supports immune response and even plays a role in prevention of blood clots, to name a few. And the same can be said of every other essential nutrient: each plays a crucial role in supporting and protecting physical function. In fact, for every one essential nutrient we deny ourselves we become subject to, on average 10 different possible degenerative diseases. Problems don’t manifest overnight but decades of neglect inevitably lead to the sort of hole many of us find ourselves in when we reach our 50’s or 60’s: musculo skeletal degradation; digestive malfunction; obesity; immune systems that don’t operate well; cardio vascular problems; mental sluggishness; poor libido; compromised blood sugar metabolism and on and on. It is ironic that, as Dr. Wallach points out, we’ve learned how to keep our animals healthy, no rancher denies his stock adequate supplementation, and we give our pet’s fortified foods, but we grievously neglect our own health. Now our dogs live 17 or 18 years (as long as we don’t feed them from our table—tables scraps!!) while as recently as our own childhoods dogs lived only around 9 or 10 years. Similarly animal husbandry boasts of higher profits and lower veterinarian expenses. But, when it comes to our own health and longevity, we continue to eat nutrient empty foods and forego smart supplementation. In an ideal world we would obtain all the essential nutrients we need from the food we eat. Sadly, due to a variety of factors (impoverished range and crop soils, reliance on processed, nutrient-empty foods, diets high in starch, gluten and sugar, industrial scale petrochemical farming, etc.) it is impossible to obtain all 90 nutrients we need in sufficient quantity solely from the food we eat. This means that if we wish to live long and healthy lives we simply MUST supplement.

Why Supplement with Dr. Wallach’s Nutritional Supplements
There are hundreds of supplement companies purveying tens of thousands of supplements. What distinguishes Dr. Wallach’s supplements from the others? For one thing, Dr. Wallach’s company, Youngevity, is the only company of its sort that enjoys exclusive rights to the source material for its flagship product, “Majestic Earth Minerals.” Majestic Earth Minerals is our trace mineral, minor mineral and rare earth mineral product. It comes directly from plants grown in virgin, mineral rich soil. And it is these plant derived, colloidal minerals, these micro nutrient cofactors that allow the body to make optimal use of all the other nutrients we take in. That is why we include our Majestic Earth Minerals in nearly every product we sell: they make everything else work. That is why our products produce real, measurable and significant health benefits whereas others typically fall short. And it is why Dr. Wallach refers to “the minerals,” endearingly and half-jokingly, as his “secret sauce.” Our supplement line is high end and high performance precisely because we include our “secret sauce” in nearly every supplement we offer.

The second thing that distinguishes Dr. Wallach’s product line is quality control. Although we have lobbied for it, for years, the fact is the supplement industry is poorly regulated: companies can get away with just about anything. Not long ago there was a study done in Canada. An independent lab pulled 50 of the top supplements from the shelf of various retail stores, tested them in the lab and documented disturbing breaches. Most lacked what they said they contained. Many contained substances never mentioned on the label, quantities were off and so forth. At Youngevity the strictest of standards is maintained. We don’t put up with such nonsense. We either equal or exceed best practices. To learn more details please request a free Cd containing an interview with our chief quality control officer, Richard Renton.

The third thing that sets Dr. Wallach, his company and products apart from the crowd is Dr. Wallach himself. As the proud author of the tape / Cd, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” (75 million copies sold) Dr. Wallach earned his place as an absolute giant in the field of nutrition and human health many years ago sounding the alarm concerning the lack of minerals in our range and crop soils and linking impoverished soils and mineral deficiencies in our diet to deficiency disease. Dr. Wallach’s pioneering spirit and his uncompromising acuity and genius has both led and served the health community for decades. For example, it was Dr. Wallach who advocated for glucosamine intake (musculo skeletal support) when very few even knew of it. It was Dr. Wallach who warned of the dangers of sugar, gluten and carbs and the value of good fats while orthodoxy insisted on the opposite (for a good 50 years!). It is Dr. Wallach who has been teaching the public for years about self-health and common sense, low tech solutions to health challenge while orthodoxy has pressed drugs, radiation, surgery and hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost on us. It was Dr. Wallach, teaming up with other scientists who established the monumental importance of trace mineral supplementation, specifically liquid, organic, colloidal trace mineral supplementation. A review of his career accomplishments tells of, among other victories, of the award he received for making a significant breakthrough in the basic understanding of the cause and pathophysiology of cystic fibrosis, his authoritative work on comparative medicine, over 700 pages, housed at the Library of Congress and the astounding discovery that many of the successes in the veterinarian field achieved through smart supplementation apply with equal relevance to the field of human health. 

The fourth thing that distinguishes Dr. Wallach’s product line is superior formulation. Tens of thousands of man hours and millions of research dollars guide the choices we make in putting together our products. Our more advanced products, for example, employ micro chrystaline technology to fuse our Majestic Earth Minerals with fruit and vegetables (source of hundreds of phytol nutrients) and with other essential nutrients. The result is enhanced performance. We can do more with less and certainly way more than can the closest competitor. Our ORAC score (measures antioxidant strength) on the Beyond Tangy, for example, is untouchable. We have it independently verified by one of the best laboratories in the country. Link here for the full story.

The fifth thing that distinguishes Dr. Wallach and his company from the crowd is our commitment to public health. On numerous occasions Dr. Wallach has reached into his own pocket, paying millions for legal representation and has been able to prevail against the FDA. These victories, forcing the government to acknowledge the voracity and accuracy of various health claims don’t just benefit Dr. Wallach and Youngevity. They benefit all the supplement companies and, more important hugely benefit the public. If it were not for Dr. Wallach, his tenacity and commitment to mission, we would not be hearing how incredibly important, for example, omega III intake is in supporting cardiovascular health. The government and the AMA would censor that right out of the conversation!

Of course, there are many more reasons to supplement with Dr. Wallach’s superior line of nutritional supplements. Too many to list here, when all is said and done, though, it is best to be your own judge. Commit 90 days to reclaiming your own health. Saturate your system with one of Dr. Wallach’s 90 For Life product combinations and let the evidence of your own, personal experience make up your mind about which supplements are right for you.

Nutritional Strategy: Best Practices
Many make the mistake of fixating on one or two vitamins or minerals, the "flavor of the week," as the answer to their most pressing health needs. But the body uses nutrients in combination, not in isolation. Calcium, for example, may be good for bones but just loading up on calcium won't do a thing. Vitamin D must be in the picture as must magnesium, zinc, boron, the gelatinous protein matrix that holds it all together, etc. Even more important one must build and maintain a full store of essential trace minerals, minor minerals and rare earth minerals, a foundation of cofactors that allow the body to make optimal use of every other essential nutrient presented.

To rebuild one’s health, then, as well as to achieve, preserve and support optimal health, the first order of business is to establish a foundation (or “reserve” or “store” or “bank account”) of all 90 essential nutrients. Constructing a foundation of all 90 is an absolute prerequisite to living longer and living younger. That is why one hears Dr. Wallach mention over and over and over again, “90 For Life, “90 For Life.” 90 For Life is what we call our product combinations that together deliver, you guessed it, all 90 nutrients essential to human health.

Find some of our “90 For Life” product combinations under “Healthy Body Pak’s” (clickable icons: right margin). Each icon directs to a selection of essential 90 Pak’s. The first collection, “Healthy Start Pak’s,” is where most visitors START. Clicking the icon reveals more detailed product information and choices based on body weight and need. Unlike the other groups (icons) the START Pak’s don’t contain any “specialty” or “add-on” products since they are formulated to support general health. However, because of how nutrition works even the specialty Pak icons, the next six to follow, all include a “core” of the 90 For Life foundational (but add specialty products). Many find that a consistent regimen of one of the start Pak’s for at least 90 days can avoid the need for specialty products all together.

The second order of business is to calculate the quantity. How much product do you require for, say, a month? There are many determining factors: body weight, degree of daily physical activity, how quickly you want results, budget, sensitivity and habits. It takes more to supplement a horse than a rabbit. Common sense tells us that. So the more you weigh the more you will need. The higher the level of physical activity the more you sweat, the more you lose minerals. So if you work out a lot or, say, labor physically under the hot sun most days, you need more than the average couch potato requires. Adjusting for body weight and activity is sufficient for most but if you want to be really aggressive in reclaiming health, doubling up or “saturating” one’s system can hasten things along. Of course, budget is a concern. Maybe you can’t afford to saturate. That’s fine. We offer less expensive alternatives. After all, a horse and buggy can get you to the same place as a Farrari, eventually. If you are a sensitive sort, and you know your own body, less is often better than more. And, finally, habits matter. Drinking soda pop or sugary / starchy food will impede your efforts. For every two steps forward you will be taking one giant step backwards if you cling to such habits. Can’t give up your daily coffee? Then order extra minerals so you can replace what you lose once that caffeine empties your liver of stored minerals.

General Health
When it comes to supporting general health select any one of the Healthy Start Pak’s. The more expensive ones contain higher quantities of individual nutrients and / or include products that contain more contemporary / advanced formulas. You can’t go wrong. Besides including all 90 nutrients essential to human health, Dr. Wallach has made sure that each Healthy Start Pak is fortified with his “secret sauce,” the essential trace mineral, minor mineral and rare earth mineral cofactors that make everything else work. Youngevity is the only company of its kind that enjoys exclusive rights to Dr. Wallach’s secret sauce source material. Link here for more details.

The human body is an absolute miracle of Nature. As long as we are careful stewards of our health, as long as we avoid polluting ourselves with harmful substances (keep the “bad stuff” out), as long as we make healthy diet and lifestyle choices (put the “good stuff” in) and as long a as we fill the gaps by supplementing consistently with all 90 nutrients essential to human health, there is every reason to expect a life of optimal good health as our reward. .

Chances are you already know what to avoid and what to embrace but they bear repeating here. Dr. Wallach advises that we avoid starchy / sugary, high glycemic foods and instead rely on protein, good fats, fresh vegetables and low glycemic fruits for our daily caloric intake. Also, avoid vegetable oils, fried food, processed food and food containing gluten (wheat is the worst). In terms of lifestyle the advice, again, is pretty predictable. Moderate exercise (cardio as well as weight bearing), get plenty of sleep, drink clean water, eat clean food, avoid stress, connect with community, “smell the roses” and keep the toxins out.

90 For Life: Foundation for General Health
Human beings require 90 essential nutrients for optimal function. These nutrients take the term "essential" since just like food, water, air, sleep, sunshine and so forth, they are "essential" to life. Certainly we can get by without them for time but by definition, ultimately and inevitably, for every essential nutrient we starve ourselves of we become subject to (on average) ten different degenerative deficiency diseases.

To guard against such a fate the smart move is to saturate our system with what Dr. Wallach calls his " 90 For Life." In this way we establish a comprehensive foundation, a sort of bank account that the body can draw upon to meet the biochemical requirements of a vast array of physical functions. Typically it takes 90 days of consistent supplementation to fill the account and then, once it is full, we can reduce to a "maintenance" intake which is calibrated according to body weight.

The Healthy Start Pak (HSP) consists of three products, Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Beyond OsteoFX and Ultimate EFA+, that together, deliver the 90 For Life. It is these three core products that, necessarily, form the centerpiece of any successful supplementation regimen. After all nutrients work in combination, not in isolation. Thus, whatever one's health challenge or goal it is important to START with the Healthy START Pack. Adjust contents to match body weight and then begin supplementing, consistently, day in and day out.


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