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Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 22:37
The global plan is coming to a head and their plan is to take over all assets of the lands called the United States, and each of us is considered an asset,
they have surveillance over every aspect of our lives to know what we think do and say, and now all tv’s monitors, cell phones, cameras, signal lights, surveillance cameras all these items have the capability of facial recognition and the capability of hearing every word spoken.
And even now the military is staging units across America,
our border will end up in a hot war, the movie Red Dawn is staged to take place that is why we need the protection at the southern border,
back in the 60 i was put on a list of Conspiracy Theories list, because of everything we were trying to get people to wake up to it has all now turned out to be true,
the words of Matthew 13: 8-12 are upon us,
If you do not believe what is written that’s fine go stick your head in the sand and let them take you.
Or if you have even a flicker of intelligence use the brain you have been given and open your eyes,
Look for a copy of the 1954 Builder Burger Meeting at wich time they set in action a plan to control All assets in the world (you are considered an asset)
and they set out a plan to gather all information and aspects of your life to know best how to control you.
watch the movie called “Branded” it deals with how they get you to purchase things.
Look up the Speech John F. Kennedy's gave to the Columbia University 10 days before He was assassinated, and listen He has told us what is happening now.
Check out Earth Inc Lookup
look for Iron Mountain report in 1960 brought out to the public in 1968
     Where they talk about dumbing down the school to dumb down    society
     How to take over the health care to control the public
     And the roll out of the NWO
Go on You Tube and listen to   "The Scary Future of America! (2019-2020)"
Go look at the iclei template united nations
     The birth of climate change Action Plan
Don’t believe your life is in danger fine, but don’t whine when your eyes are finally opened.
Jesus is standing at the door open it and let Him in

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As time went on He just sat, knoqing, knowing what no one else seemed to know.

But staring in to the red leave's He knew spring was on it's way, and that His life would go on as He reflected on the Love He had felt.

And that no mater how the lonely streets desended upon Him He would continue to shin, as He sat their He could be heard sining softly to Himself,   This little light of mine.

Hodgepenny's philosphy has always been take care of home first, only give to those who are truly in need, never, No never take anything that you have not earned. always spend as much time with the Father as you can, for His love will guide and keep you through all things, and this will make your life better than great.


in the Wilderness