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Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 07:33
Is what we are seeing the end times that we are told about in the book of Revelation?.
If you look around the world at all the strange things that have been taking place it does look like it earthquakes, landslides, rain, snow, volcanos, pelages just look at Yellowstone in the United States, average number of earthquakes a year 1,000 to 3,000 this year in first three weeks 1,114 the earth is having labor pains
Whether the coming of the Lord is at hand or years away with what is going on, your life could come to an end at any moment, it could be from strange weather, an EMP, a nuclear bomb, a volcanic eruption, typhoon, hurricane, tornado, civil unrest the threats are many.
If you have read Revelations than do the research, go on line and look up the usgf.files look up live time earthquakes, x22 do the research for yourself it will mean more to you that way, use the brain you have been given and find things out.
When the main line news says don’t look at this or that than it is time to look,
they lie every day and have no credibility any more,
check out what they say and you will find the truth
The only way out of all this it to have an honest relationship with the Christ Jesus,
He will not break your will but He is standing at the door of your hart waiting for you to ask Him in.
Tomorrow is a new day will you spend it in Heaven of hell the choice is yours.

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As time went on He just sat, knoqing, knowing what no one else seemed to know.

But staring in to the red leave's He knew spring was on it's way, and that His life would go on as He reflected on the Love He had felt.

And that no mater how the lonely streets desended upon Him He would continue to shin, as He sat their He could be heard sining softly to Himself,   This little light of mine.

Hodgepenny's philosphy has always been take care of home first, only give to those who are truly in need, never, No never take anything that you have not earned. always spend as much time with the Father as you can, for His love will guide and keep you through all things, and this will make your life better than great.


in the Wilderness