Sunday, December 12, 2021, 22:02
The occupant in the white house has been moving our enemy in to our back yards,
flights have been coming in almost nightly for over a year now and the enemy’s military units are in our house now,
the real bad part is most are in or next to our military locations.
The LORD God gave us a Constitutional Republic; a country of freedom and we have given it away one letter at a time.
This has been coming for a long time but no one was willing to stand firm on the truth and say NO we will not budge. And the church sat back and did nothing, even now a majority of the church is sucking up to the evil ones to try and gain their approval.
i can’t imagen how the LORD must feel.
Where do you stand?
On the side of Good or evil?
The line has been drawn in the sand,
now the choices are being made.
Which will you chose?
Think about it.
The choice is for eternity!
Heaven or hell  your holding the ball, what will you chose

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the Revelation of Jesus Christ as given to John

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