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i have always been one to watch, get somewhat involved but to watch, watching what is goin on around you is a good thing, we are supposed to be a wear.
Those of you who visit this sight regularly know i am not a supporter of social media nor a fan of the attitude behind it.
And when i post i speak to those who call themselves Christians. Some of you know i don’t post something just to post, and my post are or can be few and far apart, You know i am not here to create a gathering to try to sell a product, i don’t care if yo like me nor do i care what you think of me, for it is not your approval or acceptance that i desire, there is only one who i set out to please and gain the approval of.
And most of you know that that is the Lord Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the light , and no one comes to the Father but through Me.”   “I will provide all your needs food, clothing and shelter”,   “if you love me you will keep My commandments”
And you know or should by now i am a believer in and a follower of the Christ Jesus, this world is not my home, and stuff and things have little to no value to me.
i believe; if i don’t have it i don’t need it for if i needed it the Lord would have provided it, what ever it may be.
So on with the message of the day:
In the world today we the people have been deceived and manipulated to the point we will fall for anything. Before you get mad and move on i would like you to think about something and answer a few questions.
Where were you the day when praying was taken out of the schools?
Where were you the day when killing a unborn child was excepted?
Where were you the day when the government took over the Churches with the 5o1-C3?
Where were you the day when the Church became a organization?
Where were you the day when the Organized Church Pastors started serving deception, (one little twisted word at a time)?
Where were you the day when the deception of; a gas shortage?, a water shortage?, a food shortage?, a pandemic?
Where were you the day when the Constitution of We the People was no longer applied 100 miles in from the cost line?
Where were you the day when the Constitution of We the People was no longer applied 100 miles inside of all our boarders?
Where were you the day when the American constitution was discarded? Where were you the day war was declarer on the white Male?, on the conservatives? On the Christians?
This is the problem of not being aware of what is going on around you, for most of you will first deny that most the above has actually happened.
Next you will deny that it happened at all, and move over to face book where you will aging willfully support the anti God movement, supporting the evil running the world. You will willingly go to amazon and support child farming and harvesting, but hell at least you get free shipping, and you don’t have to be concerned about what is going on not only in this country but throughout the world, you will get your support from people who could honestly give a rats ass about your well being, you will get the newest and latest gadget or toy, who cares that yo are giving up you freedom and future generations freedom you have a new game to play on your new smart phone, and can brag to your so called friends, be dammed the rest of the world as long as your fallowing on Face book or some other social media sight approves of you and likes what you posted.
It is way past time to get off your asses to do any thing about what has happened. But it is not to late (YET) to do something about your future It is time to open your eyes and look at what is going on around you.
There is still time to ask the Lord Jesus in to your lives, there is still time to get your life right with Father God, and turn from your evil ways, He is the only way out of here that leads to life. It is your choice either chose God and obey His commandments, or to chose the ways of this world (satins ways) The choice is yours, a lot of you have sat on the fence so lone you think you have chosen a side, but you have been and are being deceived, for if you had chosen a side today you would first have to consult in an opinion poll to determine if you should even consider thinking about changing.
Organized church you skein me, can’t imagen what the Lord God thinks about you,,, O wait we can see what He thinks about you in Matthew when He went in to the temple (the Church) and turned over the tables and ran of the betrayers out.
Jesus died for YOU, why do you put the world,  the things and ways of the world before the Lord.
It is your soil, it is your choice of what you do with it, doom it to hell for eternity or give it back to the one who created it, and live eternally with the Lord God for eternity,
it amazes me that any one would have to take even a second of time to question the choice.
Either you are on the side of the Lord God or you are on the side of evil. The choice is yours. Chose wisely it could be the last choice you make.

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