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todays post is continued from yesterday, this is why we start with likewise not withstanding, if you have not read yesterdays post please do before reading todays.
Jude 1:8-13 Likewise notwithstanding these sleepers also defile the flesh, and despise government, and speak evilly of them that are in authority.
Yet Michael the Archangel, when he strove against the devil, and disputed about the body of Moses, dared not blame him with cursed speaking, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.
But these speak evil of those things, which they know not: and whatsoever things they know naturally, as beasts, which are without reason, in those things they corrupt them selves.
Wo be unto them: for they have followed the way of Cain, and are cast away by the deceit of Balaam’s wages, and perish in the gainsaying of Core.
These are rocks in your feasts of charity when they feast with you, without al fear, feeding themselves: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds, corrupt trees and without fruit, twice dead, and plucked up by their roots.
They are the raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame: they are wandering stares, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.
reading this i was reminded of what a sleeper is
1. someone who is asleep
2. someone who is in a group of people who gently influences others to fallow after them, to deceive and miss lead others with out them knowing or being a wear. the Lord tells us that these sleepers defile the flesh and also despise government, speaking evil of those that are in authority
He also tell us about Michael the Archangel, one who has authority but when in conflict with evil does not step in but rather askes the Lord to rebuke the evil one. we are so eager to rush in to deal with, to try to correct a issue, but what we should be doing is referring it to the Lord and ask Him to deal with the situation.
i try not to put my own thoughts in when sharing, this time i will,
our country, well in fact the whole world has been deceived by sleepers, sleepers who the Lord has allowed to take a seat in, a position of, authority. we are shown that what we should do is ask the Lord God to rebuke them, it is not up to us we should not try and take that authority upon ourselves. but rather we should repent of our laziness and lack of awareness, the sin in our lives and our lack of faith in the Lord Jesus. most do not understand that the ones that are in authority are there because the Lord has allowed it
(i think perhaps because we the ones calling ourselves Christians have not allowed the Lord God to have full rain over our own lives, and have not been interested in being a wear of what has, and is going on around us.)
With the Lord allowing those to be in authority we should repent of our sins and go to Him asking Him for forgiveness and Him to rebuke those in authority who are evil. Most of those who are in authority today are followers of evil, have chosen to follow the ways of Cain, pay wages to Balaam’s and will perish in the deception of Core. we are told they are ones without a foundation, wonderers who have no substance, twice dead plucked up by their roots, and destined to spend eternity in the pit of hell.
And we go back to who will you serve?
who will you surrender your life to this day?
the things of this world the things of man - money stuff and things, OR will you surrender your life over to the Lord Jesus and live within His love and protection?
that choice is yours.
main thought: Do not try tp rebuke evil on your own, Always go to the Lord and ask Him to rebuke the evil ones.

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