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If you call yourself a Christian then it is time to stand up for what is right!
Get your bible off the shelf and find out who you really are, God said you are fitfully and wonderfully made.
Our country was built on Christians values.
Jesus stood for what as right, went to the temple and turned the tables over,
it is time to shake things up and stand for what is right
Jesus said if you deny me before man I will deny you before My Father. and so many who call them selves a Christian now days in day to day life are denying Christ, and even more and more right out in the open.
Sorry but i am going to be blunt,
NO I’m not sorry and will not apologize for it.
i’m upset, over this last week i listened to 14 different pastors share week panthodic sermons with more quoits from famous righters and speakers than the bible, The Word Of God, one even had the balls to quoit a well know actor who is a convicted child molester and one was quoting a known devil worshiper, a den of sin.
i see so many churches putting out Marxism believes it makes me sick. Can only imagen how it makes Father God feel, gathering their enormous salary’s that they vote on to raise just like the house and Senet members do for themselves each year.
The first part of revelation Jesus speaking to the churches said over and over “but I have this against you” and explained He will hold it against the church for harboring, teaching and promoting evil and evil teachings. but yet the body of the church sets and exseps what they are told never standing up for the truth, probably because they have never know the truth of God.
The christian of the church today likes money more then doing what is right,
if your church is a 501 C3 it is a government controlled business.
If you are giving tithes and are more concerned about the tax break you will receive at the end of the year you are no better then the sinner you look down upon.
It is time to stand for what is right, if you are content to set in church and be feed love joy peace tolerance and live in a bubble don’t come running when they take your freedom away, when they take you and your family in chains and ask the question will you deny Jesus or be beheaded will you stand up then or will you cave to save your life?
The secret is you cave you lose, you go to hell,
if you have not got the foundation of the word of God in your sole you will not have the backbone to stand in that day and by denying Jesus you just condemned your self to hell.
You, we all are getting close to that time, so it is time to grab a bible and read it for your self stop relying on someone ell to do it for you, your teacher is supposed to be the Holy Spirit but if you don’t know Jesus, or the voice of the Holy Spirit, or if you are just not interested in listening to Him you are domed anyhow.
The choice is yours, it is not the roll of a pastors a family member or the government nor is it even in their capability, only one way and that is for you to except the Lord Jesus, nor is it up to them for you to learn of or have a relationship with Jesus or the Holy Spirit it is totally on you.
And you will pay the price for your laze approach and attitude towards Christ Jesus.
You can not be saved by works it is a totally free gift from God by asking Christ Jesus in to your heart, confessing your sins and asking to be forgiven, once you do this you are saved,
but from there you should want to find out what Jesus says about you and how you should live to please Him and the Father.
Matthew 5,6 and 7 explain how we are to live, and both the old and new testaments give us examples of the results for both following the teaching found in the bible and for not following them.
If you do call your self a Christian and you are not in the word of God and are not standing up for what is right, you should probably reevaluate your heart mind and sole as to who you truly believe in and are following.
If you want to know what your preacher is not telling you, here is a good place to start
this is a
series of 8 clips if you are interested in the other four then take the first step and surch out the other four for your self.
and think about this: in Genesis 6: 6-7
""And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repentheth me that I have made them.""
definition of repented; To feel pain, sorrow or regret for something done or spoken, to fell sickened
if Father God felt that then how do you think He is looking upon the earth at this time.
Some pastors and a whole lot of Christian think and speak to the issue that God will return and take us to heaven before it gets bad.
What a bad joke that has been played on the people,
do you think you are better then the sinners back then?
do you think you are better then the children of Israel the Jews the chosen ones of God, who went through the holocaust?
if so the joke is on you and you are lost in the land of la,la
repent and turn your life and was over to the Lord Jesus repent of your ways and turn from all evil in your life.
and that’s all i have to say about that for now, im out

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