Monday, May 14, 2018, 07:11
Those of you who visit this sight may have noticed i’m not on much.
It is spring and summer is coming soon, during this time of year I start spending my days away from the things of man, i do not fit in to society or the things of this world and when the weather changes I spend my time out side, i do not own a cell phone and will not carry a laptop around with me besides that where i go there is no electricity to recharge either.
i do not believe Christ is pleased with all the time we spend glued to the internet and if you need a friend, facebooks is not the place to find one that needs to be done face to face.
Christ said go in to all the world He met get off your ass and go talk to people, we are to love one another and that cannot be done through the internet it is dead it has no emotions or feelings it cannot see the love, fear, pain or compassion, love and joy that is in some ones voice or eyes, the touch of a friend when you are in need is 10,000 times more comforting then a smiley face or lol in a text.
As a people we have become so disconnected with each other most people don’t even know how to hold a conversation face to face with a stranger.
You are more than welcome to come here and visit but you probably won’t hear much from me until late fall and winter and then i will share my advancer with you
An advancer
a. move forward in a purposeful way
b. make or cause to make progress
c. put forward d. a forward movement
e. a development or improvement
So GO out and experience the life Father God has given you, experience each day and live your life and experience it with the living, not the brain dead.

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